MusicNewsRumor’s Favorite Music Moments of the Year 2019


I could have picked any of her performances, but her VMAs medley of “Truth Hurts” + “Good As Hell” just felt like the tide turning on her career, and she rode that wave as she went on to perform at the AMAs and on SNL.

Kelly Clarkson doing “Kellyoke” every day on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” has been one of the greatest things 2019 had to offer, but the way she covers a new song each day is something truly great. With Kellyoke, we’re always wondering what she’ll cover next.

Taylor Swift’s AMAs Artist of the Decade Performance

This performance was something truly special: a career-spanning medley that honored her greatest hits and paid homage to her past, present and future, but it stood for so much more.

“Rhythm + Flow” with Cardi B, Chance The Rapper & T.I. on Netflix

This flipped the concept of a music competition show on its head and made sure each artist knew what they were getting into. @IAmCardiB, @ChanceTheRapper, and @Tip were tough, brutal, and honest; just like the industry.

“Songland” with Ryan Tedder, Shane McAnally, & Ester Dean on NBC

Having @RyanTedder, @ShaneMcAnally, and @EsterDean in the same room is something to marvel at. Put another hit-making singer-songwriter with them, and watch the magic happen as songs come together before your very eyes.

Thomas Rhett Praying at the CMT Artists of the Year Ceremony

During what was already a very emotional night, @ThomasRhett took time during his Artists of the Year acceptance speech to lead the room in prayer. It shocked some, but I more than appreciated it.

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Performing “Shallow” for the First Time at the Oscars

This was the first and only TV performance the two ever did of their hit song, and it was orchestrated like a movie. It sparked romance rumors, but it was definitely a moment.


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