MusicNewsRumor’s 20 Best Remixes of 2020

so. many. remixes. It almost got overwhelming with the number of remixes and trying to keep up with who was featured on what. There were a few weeks mid-quarantine that felt like remixes were popping up almost daily. DaBaby was the unrivaled king of the remix this year (he actually appears on a NUMBER of the entries on this list in some capacity). But there were plenty of other artists who lent their voices to a song (like Doja Cat, City Girls, Jack Harlow, and Charlie Puth to name a few), either by hopping on a song that was already a hit or helping to elevate a rising artist. Remixes have always been, but are especially important now, in bringing together a couple of our favorite artists and/or introducing us to the next big thing. These 20 remixes made the most noise this year…

  1. Savage (Remix) – Megan Thee Stallion (feat. Beyoncé)

I think we all felt the world stop when this song dropped out of nowhere on a Wednesday afternoon. I had just reported about a week earlier that Queen B was rumored to be joining Meg on the remix of “Savage,” which was already ramping up to be a hit all on its own. I knew when Bey added her touch, it would be a match made in Houston heaven, but nobody expected it to turn out the way it did. So often a remix can sound like a label-manufactured partnership or a deal arranged between managers with a 16-bar verse sent in over email. With the “Savage Remix,” the remix completely transformed the original without losing touch. I wish more remixes would follow this route by allowing both parties to add their own flair to the song.

2. Say So (Remix) – Doja Cat (feat. Nicki Minaj)

We got two of the biggest remixes of the year within just a few days of each other, and the Stans went to battle to see who would reign the chart champ. (Rest assured, both remixes ended up earning their rightful #1 spot). Nicki Minaj really delivered on Doja Cat’s “Say So” Remix, but even before it was released, we could all tell that Nicki Minaj would be the perfect collaborator on a song like this one. It was fun to see Nicki support an up-and-comer like Doja Cat, but it definitely didn’t hurt that they both got a #1 out of the deal.

3. I Hope (Remix) – Gabby Barrett (feat. Charlie Puth)

When this remix was announced, we thought this pairing was either going to be really good or really bad. On paper, it didn’t sound like a home run, but the way their voices blend together make for the perfect duet. It gives us a chance to hear from the female and male perspective in this relationship-gone-wrong story. It became one of the highest charting country songs in quite some time, and it broke plenty of records for female country artist.

4. Levitating (Remix) – Dua Lipa (feat. DaBaby)

Dua Lipa was one of the dominant forces of 2020, and she recruited the remix king for her new version of “Levitating.” DaBaby glides so smooth and really compliments Dua’s original track. It also made for a very fun and futuristic music video, which they shot together.

5. Do It (Remix) – Chloe x Halle (feat. Doja Cat, City Girls, and Mulatto)

Chloe x Halle assembled the R&B-rap girl power group by teaming up with Doja Cat, City Girls, and Mulatto for the “Do It” Remix. It was fun to hear so many different voices with so much character join together on one song.

6. In Your Eyes (Doja Cat Remix) – The Weeknd (feat. Doja Cat)

The Weeknd and Doja Cat have carved similar paths in the music industry by seamlessly combining R&B, pop, and rap into an undeniably sweet concoction. It was only a matter of time before they collaborated. It didn’t become as big of a hit as I would have expected, but that doesn’t make it any less great of a remix.

7. Midnight Sky (Edge of Midnight Remix) – Miley Cyrus (feat. Stevie Nicks)

At first, you might think this is just another one of those song mashups that you see on YouTube. After listening to it, you’ll hear that it mixes elements of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen,” which Miley samples on the original version of the song. More than that, though, Stevie recorded some new vocals making for an epic duet with Miley Cyrus, who is well on her way to becoming this generation’s Stevie Nicks.

8. Easy (Remix) – Troye Sivan (feat. Kacey Musgraves & Mark Ronson)

This was one of the more surprising remixes, but it was quite a pleasant surprise. I love anything that Troye Sivan, Kacey Musgraves, and Mark Ronson take part in individually, so it was only fitting that their collaboration be amazing. And it was. Mark Ronson altered the production on Troye Sivan’s original version of the song, and Kacey Musgraves laid down her silky smooth vocals blending perfectly with Troye. Also, can Kacey please start singing the word “darlin'” in all of her future songs, please?

9. Said Sum (Remix) – Moneybagg Yo (feat. City Girls & DaBaby)

City Girls and DaBaby have appeared on more remixes than anybody else this year, and they crossed paths on this remix of Moneybagg Yo’s song, “Said Sum.” This might just be JT’s best verse to date, and Yung Miami and DaBaby also work together to make for a song instantly ready for rap radio.

10. Oh Santa! (Remix) – Mariah Carey (feat. Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson)

Yes, it’s a Christmas song, but it’s from Mariah Carey, and she recruited two of the best vocalists of this generation in Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. Their collaboration was the standout moment from “Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special” on Apple TV+. Ariana has been very vocal about her respect and admiration for Mariah, so it was a full circle moment to hear them singing together on the same song. Jennifer Hudson brings her outstanding vocals this remix, as well, and she does not disappoint.

11. Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix) – Sada Baby (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Sada Baby’s “Whole Lotta Choppas” was on a steady rise in popularity thanks to a trend going around on Tik Tok, but it was Nicki Minaj’s remix that really catapulted this song to the next level. They just fit together so nicely, and Nicki sounds so good on this beat.

12. hole in the bottle (Remix) – Kelsea Ballerini (feat. Shania Twain)

Kelsea Ballerini and Shania Twain. That’s all I need to say. I’ve been waiting for this collab to happen, and I know I’m not alone. It was inevitable that these two would team up one of these days. This song is so fun to sing along to, and you can just hear in their voices how much they enjoy singing this song. Now we just need y’all to get to the studio and work on the next collab, because I know your work together isn’t done yet!

13. Yummy (Country Remix) – Justin Bieber (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

I’m not sure anybody had a Justin Bieber and Florida Georgia Line collab on their 2020 bingo card, but it’s what we got. It was a surprising pairing, but unsurprisingly, FGL killed their verse. Just like the song itself, you can’t take it too seriously. Justin even tries out an extra thick, twangy, country accent on the chorus, making this an even more amusing and entertaining remix.

14. Cool Again (Remix) – Kane Brown (feat. Nelly)

Nelly is one of the only rappers I know that has successfully been able to hop on a country song remix and make it work time and time again. It can be hard to mesh the two genres without sounding corny, but Kane Brown and Nelly more than made it work on the “Cool Again” Remix.

15. Is It Just Me? (Remix) – Sasha Sloan (feat. Charlie Puth)

Sasha Sloan is such an incredibly lyricist, and her lyrics will pull at every heartstring you have. “Is It Just Me?” is no different, but bringing Charlie Puth onto the remix with his high falsetto and effortless vocals only elevated the song. (Not to say that it really needed any help in that department). Charlie says that he only remixes songs that he wishes he had written himself, so that is saying something, too.

16. Hawai (Remix) – Maluma (feat. The Weeknd)

Another unexpected but welcome collaborations of 2020 is that of Maluma and The Weeknd on “Hawai.” The Weeknd (or as he likes to call himself, El Fin de Semana) tries out singing in Spanish for the very first time. As amazing as he sounds in English, you won’t believe how good he sounds in another language. Maluma’s song was already a hit, but this remix just took it to new heights.

17. Tap In (Remix) – Saweetie (feat. Post Malone, DaBaby & Jack Harlow)

Saweetie is right on the brink of breaking through to the mega-mainstream, and one of her next singles is sure to be a big hit. “Tap In” never reached the heights that it could have, but she called on Post Malone, DaBaby, and Jack Harlow to hop on its remix. DaBaby and Jack Harlow have probably been featured on the most remixes this year, but they managed to bring a new flair with each verse. Post Malone’s verse is pretty different for him, and it also changed up the pace of the original song.

18. Moral of the Story (Remix) – Ashe (feat. Niall Horan)

I love hearing Niall Horan duet with female artists, and I think he made for a great collaborator with Ashe. He has had similar success in the past duetting with Julia Michaels and Maren Morris, so I wasn’t surprised that this remix was also incredible. Ashe started out with a really well written story that had some unique production to back it up, and I was happy this remix got her music in the ears of some new fans.

19. I Got So High That I Saw Jesus (Miley Cyrus Remix) – Noah Cyrus (feat. Miley Cyrus)

It was starting to seem like we would never get a duet from Noah and Miley Cyrus. This year we finally got it in the form of a live performance of Noah’s “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus” on Miley’s MTV Backyard Sessions special. Their voices are so similar yet still so different, and their harmonies are perfection. Still holding out hope that they will write and record an original song together in the future, though.

20. Past Life (Remix) – Trevor Daniel (feat. Selena Gomez)

Trevor Daniel released the original in March, which had the increasingly popular trap-pop production, before dropping the Selena Gomez remix in June, which she brought a fresh pop sound to contrast. The styles really complement each other and made for an empowering remix.


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