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Super Soundtrack: ‘Fatherhood’ on Netflix

This emotionally charged film will have you crying one minute and laughing the next, but the soundtrack packs an extra special punch to these scenes.

“Super Soundtrack” is a series of features on doing a deep dive into all the songs featured in the top TV series and films breaking down how the songs add to the scene and give a little breakdown of the context of the music. Songwriters, producers, which album the song appeared on, who originally recorded the song, which key lyrics were used in the project; it’s all fair game.

In Fatherhood — which is streaming now on Netflix — Kevin Hart plays Matt Logelin, a widow grieving the loss of his wife, Liz (played by Deborah Ayorinde) after she traumatically passing away from giving birth to their daughter. He decides to raise their child the ways she would have done it with him. Also starring Alfre Woodard, Lil Released Howery, Frankie R. Faison, Anthony Carrigan, Paul Reiser, and DeWanda Wise, Fatherhood is based on Matt Logelin’s funny but heartwarming memoir.

This emotionally charged film will have you crying one minute and laughing the next, but the soundtrack packs an extra special punch to these scenes. Read on to see a relatively spoiler-free breakdown and hear all the songs featured throughout Fatherhood

“Almost (Sweet Music)” by Hozier

This is the first song that plays in the film, and it’s written and performed by none other than Hozier. Everyone knows him from his hit song “Take Me To Church,” but “Almost (Sweet Music)” was featured on his most recent album, Wasteland, Baby!, in 2019. It plays as Matt’s wife Liz is giving birth to their daughter.

“Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa

It’s hard to think of a movie that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of this song to its soundtrack. “Push It” was actually released as a B-side of Salt-N-Pepa’s 1987 single “Tramp,” so it didn’t officially become its own single until 1988. As usual in most movies this song appears in, it plays in to the comedic timing and alleviates some of the pressure during one of the scenes.

“DON’T LET GO” by PJ Morton

One of two PJ Morton songs featured in this film, “DON’T LET GO” was written and performed by Morton. It appeared on his 2019 album Paul. The funky project combined the styles of R&B and soul into a style that is so unique to PJ Morton. You might not know that Grammy Award winner PJ Morton is also one of the keyboardists in Maroon 5. The song plays as Kevin Hart’s character is at the bar before hading back home to see his mother.

“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” by PJ Morton featuring BJ The Chicago Kid & The HamilTones

The second PJ Morton song in this movie, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” features guest appearances from BJ The Chicago Kid and The HamilTones. It appeared on Morton’s Grammy nominated 2017 album Gumbo, which was actually supposed to be his final album before moving back to New Orleans and deciding to do another.

“Fastlane” by Kool Customer

Kool Customer’s song “Fastlane” combines synths and bass with Rojai’s soulful voice to make a song perfect for the summer playlists. It was released in 2019.

“Slow Up” by Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks released “Slow Up” in 2018 before it wound up on the Fatherhood soundtrack. Banks was born in Nigeria but raised in Birmingham, and his music combines those influences to make a rough sound that lends itself to blues. This song plays as Kevin Hart’s character and his daughter are driving away from his mother-in-law’s house (Alfre Woodard) in the film.

“Our Love” by Samm Henshaw

Released on his 2018 The Sound Experiment 2 EP, “Our Love” comes from Samm Henshaw, who was born in South London. It has a rhythmic beat that could easily fit into almost soundtrack or commercial. Kevin Hart’s character and his daughter are out with DeWanda Wise’s character as this song plays.

These seven songs form the soundtrack for Fatherhood, and they all work together to highlight the highs and lows that Kevin Hart’s character is experiencing. When words or facial expressions can’t portray it, we feel it through the music.

Fatherhood is now streaming on Netflix.


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