Review + Super Soundtrack: ‘The Last Letter From Your Lover’ on Netflix (dir. Augustine Frizzell)

The Last Letter From Your Lover premieres today on Netflix, and its great cast combined with a well thought out soundtrack form a nice film. While it is familiar, there are charming moments in this sappy romance.

The Last Letter From Your Lover — starring Felicity Jones, Shailene Woodley, Callum Turner, Nathan Rizwan, and Joe Alwyn — premieres today on Netflix, and its great cast combined with a well thought out soundtrack form a nice film.

While it is familiar, there are charming moments in this sappy romance. The most interesting aspect of The Last Letter From Your Lover is the concurrent romances that take place from different time periods, which was rather engaging. With a story split between the two settings, it similarly is split between being a romance and a mystery, simultaneously.

There are familiar features in this film, but I found them to be part of the overall appeal. Borrowing characteristics from past rom-coms, the ingredients amount to something that’s easy to take in. It’s like the kind of book your aunt likes to reads while tanning on the beach. The costumes are meticulously crafted, and I found them to be one of the best parts of the movie from a production standpoint.

Frizzell has the background of being an actor before turning director, so her expertise is well suited for a film like this bouncing back and forth between past and present.

Let’s dive in to the music featured on the soundtrack for TLLFYL!

“Cherry Flavored Stomach Ache” by HAIM

This is HAIM’s original song they wrote for the movie, as personally requested by director Augustine Frizzell. It plays while we watch Ellie arrive to work.

“Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood

We rewind to 6 months earlier, and we see Shailene and Alwyn riding around in a car as this hit song plays. Interesting enough, it was originally sung by Suzi Jane Hokom and Lee Hazlewood before it went on to be made famous by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood.

“This Little Bird” by Marianne Faithfull

During a scene on the beach, Marianna Faithugll’s song “This Little Bird” off her self-titled debut studio album plays. The song was released in 1965 on her pop album, Marianna Faithfull, but due to creative differences, she also released another album the same day, Come My Way, that was a folk album.

“Lonesome” by Velvet Dos

Rory and Ellie are texting while this Velvet Dos song is playing. The duo actually started collaborating during the COVID-19 pandemic, and “Lonesome” was released as their debut single in the summer of 2020.

“Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” by Aretha Franklin

Playing in background when Shailene visits O’Hare is the Aretha Franklin single, ““Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” It appears on Franklin’s 1967 album, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You. Some consider among the greatest songs of all time, with artists including Cher, Barbara Mandrell, Willie Nelson, Whitney Houston, Sinead O’Connor, Martina McBride, Etta James, and more covering the song at some point in their careers.

“What’cha Gonna Do About It” by Doris Troy

Jennifer and O’Hare are at a bar, and this Doris Troy song can be heard while there. Released as a single in 1963, “What’s Gonna Do About It” was written with the intention of a woman warning her man to change for the benefit of their relationship together.

“Straight from the Heart” by Irma Thomas

This plays during a romantic scene in a coat closet, and that’s all I’m going to tell you about that so I don’t spoil anything for you. Irma Thomas released “Straight from the Heart” on her album, Wish Someone Would Care

“Give You What I Got” by Wendy Rene

As Jennifer goes to check her mailbox, we hear Wendy Rene’s song playing. “Give You What I Got” was released in 1965, and it appears on the collection of singles, The Complete Stax-Volt Singles 1959-1968.

“Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud” by Tony Clarke

This Tony Clarke song plays at Rory’s birthday party. 

“Love To Know” by Marine Girls

I wont spoil this scene if you haven’t seen the film, so… #iykyk. But the pivotal scene features Marine Girls’ 1983 song “Love To Know” from their album, Lazy Ways.

“Carol of the Bells” by Crouch End Festival Chorus

We change time periods and flash to London in 1969 with Jennifer and Mr. O’Hare while the Crouch End Festival Chorus’ rendition of Carol of the Bells is playing.

“Johnny Boy” by Melanie

Laurence arrives home to a house decorated for Christmas as Jennifer is playing this song on the record player. Melanie released the song on her album, Affectionately Melanie, in 1969.

“What’cha Gonna Do About It” by Doris Troy

You might remember this song from a prior scene in the film, but this Dortis Troy track reappears here in an fascinating closing scene that harkens back to earlier on in the movie.

The Last Letter From Your Lover is streaming now on Netflix. Watch here.


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