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Super Soundtrack: ‘Afterlife of the Party’ on Netflix

Afterlife of the Party starring Victoria Justice, Midori Francis, Spencer Sutherland, Timothy Renouf, Robyn Scott, and Adam Garcia, has officially premiered on Netflix. In the film, Cassie (Justice), social butterfly, dies at a party on her birthday in a freak accident, and if she wants to earn her wings, she’s going to have to right her wrongs on Earth first.


Spencer Sutherland Interview: ‘Afterlife of the Party’ + How Music Prepped Him for Acting

Spencer Sutherland stars in Afterlife of the Party alongside Victoria Justice and Midori Francis, and the film premiered on Netflix today. Crossing over from the music world into acting, Afterlife of the Party is Spencer’s feature film debut. I am always a fan of when music meshes with movies and TV, and this is a perfectly suited combination.