Rob Lowry Interview: “Gossip Girl” Music Supervisor Talks “Threading a Needle” for the Show’s Needle Drop Moments

The highly-anticipated Gossip Girl reboot premiered last month on HBO Max, and one of the most widely discussed aspects of the series has been the music featured in the show! I got to talk to Rob Lowry, the music supervisor responsible for the popular needle drop moments and song selections for Gossip Girl.

Super Soundtrack

Super Soundtrack: “Gossip Girl” (2021) on HBO Max

You might think know the original “Gossip Girl,” but that doesn’t mean you have a clue what’s coming in this new reboot. Brand new characters, new drama, lots of money, and a new Gossip Girl (but the same iconic narration coming from Kristen Bell). As the school year begins for New York’s elite, a new […]