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Super Soundtrack: “American Horror Stories” on FX on Hulu

The creators of American Horror Story are back and packing on more horror with their new weekly anthology AHS spinoff series titled American Horror Stories with a different horror story being told in each episode.

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TV Review: FXX’s “DAVE” Season 2

What might look like a lighthearted comedy about an aspiring rapper on the outside, look a little deeper and see that “DAVE” has really upped the ante this time around.


Interview: FXX’s “DAVE” Season 2 Press Conference Q+A

Earlier this week, I took part in a virtual press conference Q+A with some of the cast and crew of the critically-acclaimed series “DAVE” ahead of its season 2 premiere next Wednesday, June 16 at 10pm PT/ET on FXX, streaming the next day on FX on Hulu.