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Review: “Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson” on Apple TV+

This a full-fledged deep-dive into how music is made coming from the minds of the people behind some of your favorite songs over the last few decades.


MusicNewsRumor’s 20 Best Remixes of 2020

so. many. remixes. It almost got overwhelming with the number of remixes and trying to keep up with who was featured on what. There were a few weeks mid-quarantine that felt like remixes were popping up almost daily. DaBaby was the unrivaled king of the remix this year (he actually appears on a NUMBER of […]


MusicNewsRumor’s 25 Best Albums of 2019

‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ exemplifies the perfect evolution for Taylor Swift with its songs focused on true love. She gets more personal than ever on these songs. Each track takes on a new form, taking turns between intense and honest to fun and romantic. // MNR Must Listens: “Soon You’ll Get Better” ft. Dixie […]

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MusicNewsRumor’s 18 Best Music Videos of 2018

So many extraordinary music videos were released this year, and there were quite a few special ones. Music videos seemed to have temporarily left the mainstream for a little bit, but this year, music videos felt like an event again, and I’m all for it. While compiling this list, I realized just how many amazing videos were […]